The LocoGear Technical Bulletins are designed to provide critical information and step by step instructions to make many of the parts needed to construct a live steam model of the WM #6 or the GC&E #12.  Each LocoGear Technical Bulletin includes pictures of the part being made and also photos of the prototype part as well as plans of the part and any fixtures necessary to make the part. These LocoGear Technical Bulletins are provided free of charge to anyone requesting them by downloading them below.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read and print these documents once downloaded.  To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to the following web site:

Text Box: Master Index of all parts used to construct the Western Maryland Ry. #6 listing the drawing or card number, quantity and production notes in PDF format.  This 55-page list compiled by Richard Meyer. 
(55 pages, 127KB)

2008 LocoGear Catalog

(12 pages, 1,140KB)



Side-by-Side Drawing of

WM#6 and GC&E #12

This composite drawing of both Shays side-by-side give a striking comparison of just how similar these two Shays were.  (1 page, 1,787KB)


LocoGear Technical Bulletins:

01 - Turning Instructions for Wheel Castings Lima Card Number 953-A-5014

       (4 pages, 245KB)

02 - Machining Instructions for Line & Crank Shaft Couplings, Square Shafts, and Square Shaft Sleeves - Including Special Boring Fixture

       (8 pages, 662KB)

03 -  Machining and Fabrication Instructions for the Engine Center Plates - 483-AB-5072

       (4 pages, 671KB)

04 - Machining Instructions for Truck Center Plate Lima Card Number 932-B-5221

       (4 pages, 311KB)

05 - Drawings Known to be Available at the Allen County Historical Society and the California State Railroad Museum for Western Maryland Railway Shay #6 (Shop Number 3354—Order Number 510) and Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad Shay #12 (Shop Number 3156—Order Number 329)

       (26 pages, 169KB)

06 - Fabricating Instructions for: Tender Frame Eng Casting - 853-B-5005, Safety Link Bar - 372-A-5082, and Engine and Tender Clevis Pins - 372-A-5083  

       (12 pages, 4,049KB)

07 - Scale Drawings Available from LocoGear Listed by Lima Card Number

       (4 pages, 338KB)

08 - Machining Instructions for Coupling Ring Assembly Lima Card Numbers 743-A-5142 and 743-B-5142  (In Development)

09 - Lima Locomotive Works Order Number, Shop Number , and Drawing/Card Number Systems

       (4 pages, 99KB)

10 - Frequently Asked Questions

       (4 pages, 113KB)

11 - Fabricating Instructions for Furnace Bearer - Front - 483-A-5070, Furnace Bearer - Rear - 483-A-5069, Furnace Bearer Plate - 482-A-5216  (In Development)

12 - Published Information Resources for Western Maryland Railway #6 and Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad #12

       (6 pages, 360KB)

13 - Drawings Known to be Available at the Allen County Historical Society and the California State Railroad Museum for the Pacific Coast Shay Shop Number 3320, Construction Order Number 478 (#2) Built for Stock 4/19/1928

       (14 pages, 127KB)

14 - Machining and Fabricating Instructions for the Tender Water Tank Funnel Lima Card Number 882-A-5011

        (10 pages, 281KB)

15 - Fabricating Instructions for the Whistle Rigging Arrangement Lima Card Number 963-A-5002, Whistle Shaft Brackets Lima Card Number 962-AB-5022

       (6 pages, 1,105KB)

16 - Fabricating Instructions for Cab, Lima Card Number 227-A-5003, and Fuel Bunker, Lima Card Number 837-A-5000 (In Development)

17 - Fabricating Instructions for Running Boards, Running Board Brackets, and Seat Deck Plates and Seat Side Plates All Located Under the Cab and Fuel Bunker Lima Card Numbers 233-ABCDEF-5002, 712-A-5066, 712-A-5067, and 713-ABCD-5048 (In Development)

18 - Machining and Fabricating Instructions for the #85Crank Shaft Lima Card Number 745-A-5023 (In Development)

19 - Machining Instructions for Eccentric Straps Lima Card Number 392-A-5110

         (12 pages, 9.6MB)