Bottom Bracket

6 1 Required


The Bottom Bracket is the frame upon which the steam engine is built and holds the crankshaft. It is what gives the Shay its distinctive style with the three openings on its side for the crank shaft counterweights to rotate.


Cylinder Frame

6 3 Required


The three Cylinder Frames rest directly on top of the Bottom Bracket. They hold guide the cross heads and support the Cylinders and Valves. The top of the cylinder frame becomes the bottom cylinder head where the piston rod exits the cylinder.


Cylinder & Piston Valve

6 3 Required


The prototype of the Cylinder and Piston Valve was a 17” dia. x 18” stroke cylinder and a 9” piston valve.  This part was cast with a 1 3/4” piston core and a 7/8” valve core. The casting has the internal steam channels cast into it between the cylinder and valve cores.   


Valve Stem Cross Head Guide Bracket

6 3 Required


The Valve Stem Cross Head Guide Bracket is a small bracket that holds the rocker in the valve link motion and hangs on the side of the Cylinder Frame.  This part and others in this assembly can be found on the Link Motion plan  583-A-5008.

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Shaft Parts
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6 aB indicate if the part is used on either Western Maryland #6 or Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk #12.