LocoGear has developed several avenues to provide additional information and technical support for the builders of WM #6 and GC&E #12, which we hope will help you successfully make this live steam model.  These include the LocoGear web site, an e-mail list, the LocoGear Technical Bulletins, and LocoGear scale drawings. 

    The LocoGear web site has much information about its castings as well as the prototype Shay locomotive.  There are also photos provided by builders of their live steam Shays under construction. 

An e-mail list devoted to the WM #6 and the GC&E #12 is available for those wanting to participate in a lively discussion. There are several people on the list whom have not yet started their locomotive.  If you would like to be added to this list, please let us know by sending an e-mail to:

Jjohnson @ LocoGear.com

    The LocoGear Technical Bulletins are designed to provide critical information and step by step instructions for the many parts needed to construct a live steam model of the WM #6 or the GC&E #12.  These booklets give step by step instructions for the machining of various parts. Each LocoGear Technical Bulletin includes pictures of the part being made and also photos of the prototype part as well as plans of the part and any jigs or fixtures necessary to make the part. These LocoGear Technical Bulletins are provided free of charge to anyone requesting them.  You may also download copies of each LocoGear Technical Bulletins from the LocoGear web site.  Also, available for download on the LocoGear web site is a 55-page Master Index of all parts used to build the original WM #6 listing the drawing or card number, quantity and production notes. 

    In a effort to provide scale drawings for the model builders, LocoGear has created these drawings with 1˝" = 1'-0" scale dimensions. Although the prototype drawings available from Allen County Historical Society (ACHS) and California Railroad Museum (CSRM) are extensive, not all drawings used to build the WM #6 or the GC&E #12 have survived to the present.  See LocoGear Technical Bulletin-05, a list of all known original drawings for both the WM #6 and the GC&E #12 held by both ACHS and CSRM.   See LocoGear Technical Bulletin-07 for list of all scale drawings offered by LocoGear .

    Most prototype drawings can be used by simply dividing the dimensions by eight to build the model.  However, LocoGear has reengineered many of the parts for the model builder to make the model part stronger or simpler to make without compromising appearance or functionality.  With such modifications, the scale drawings for the castings offered by LocoGear may be necessary for the model builder to understand the manufacturing intent when the casting patterns were made. 

    At LocoGear we want to respond to your needs and are interested in providing the castings for your locomotive project no matter what locomotive you choose to build.  If you need castings for other geared locomotives, including other Shays, Willamettes, Climaxes, and Heislers, please let us know.   We are always looking to expand our product line of live steam locomotive castings. 


      -John D.L. Johnson


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Text Box: At LocoGear we believe that a live steam model locomotive should be built following the prototype as closely as possible.